Pulpo and Luiza

NORBERTO "EL PULPO" ESBREZ AND LUIZA PAES:  The Argentine NORBERTO ESBREZ has fifteen years of professional experience as a dancer, tango teacher and choreographer. He studied with the famous Argentine tango teacher Rodolfo Dinzel and has worked for the most important theaters and show-places in Buenos Aires. Norberto is the third generation of "tangueros" in his family. He carries eighty years of tango tradition and history. His grandfather and father were bandoneon players. For more than a decade Norberto has devoted himself to Dance and carefully researched and developed a very personal technique and style. His tango steps were first practiced with Rock 'n Roll which later gave him tremendous agility. Complex sequences of ganchos, sacadas and enganches are totally improvised. This is why, in the milongas of Buenos Aires he is known as "El Pulpo" (the octopus). Full of creativeness, his is constantly discovering and adding new movements to the tango vocabulary.

LUIZA PAES, his partner, has studied music since she was age six. For many years she has worked in musical education and vocal technique. In 1998 she began to study and dance tango with Norberto in Sao Paulo. She started working as Norberto's assistant.  One of the classes at the Congress was led by her with great success: "Musical Interpretation". In the year 2000 she was also with Norberto in the US tour and in the Festival in Amsterdam (Tango Magia). In 2001 they went also to Russia and Germany and taught together at III CITA.