Paulo Araujo

Paulo Araujo, a native of Rio de Janeiro, began his formal study of tango in 1989 in Buenos Aires with Gustavo Naveira, Graciela Gonzales, Pepito Avellaneda, Lampazo, Rodolfo and Maria Ciere. In Rio de Janeiro, he also studied the dance with Eric and Jeusa, salon dancing with Maria Antonieta and flamenco dancing with Vera Alexandra. Both students and peers include Paulo among the very first-rank of tango instructors.

He is the founder of the Instituto Brasileiro do Tango in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, with his own dance troupe and weekly milonga, and the winner of numerous national awards, including "Best Tango Teacher in Brazil." He has starred in "Show Fonotango-Cafe Tortoni", the "Vossajazz Festival" in Norway, on Argentinian TV "Solo Tango," and has taught in numerous tango festivals including Festival Tango in Valencia, Spain, (see website of Tango Noticias for complete article) and at the major milongas in Buenos Aires. He is one of the favorite partners of Graciela Gonzalez and has toured Europe with her extensively, just returning from an incredibly successful tour of Italy this past June and July. Students call him a "brujo" because of his wizardry in finding and correcting their individual weaknesses. He concentrates on technique rather than steps and gives ingenious exercises to address problem areas. Energy connection, embrace as a sacred act, and dynamic musicality and creativity within the couple are his hallmarks.

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Paulo with Ken and Natasha