Prodigy of Pepito Avelleneda . . .


Omar Vega is one of the strongest creative forces in the new tango revival of the last ten years in Buenos Aires. He is the prodigy of Pepito Avellaneda.

He is considered the master of rhythm and is internationally famous for his extremely rhythmic style of dancing milonga.

He is a master of improvisation, especially appreciated for his musical interpretation. His unique and innovative ideas on the social dance floor, remains "true" to the essence of the social dance, before transforming them for performance. Omar considers his tango to be based in natural, sensual movements.

Omar has travelled extensively in the last five years. He is known as a careful and charismatic teacher.

Omar's repertoire includes many styles of Tango, Vals, and Milonga, but his signature style is a calm and sensual close embrace featuring syncopated traspie steps. He is a master of improvisation and musical interpretation. Omar combines subtle and complex rhythmical movements with crisp timing that result in a subdued yet exhilarating fusion of passion and playfulness.

Omar Vega is highly regarded internationally for his dancing, teaching, and choreography. His credits include the movie "The Tango Lesson", where he danced with Sally Potter. He has appeared on "Solo Tango", an all-tango TV channel based in Buenos Aires , and he has choreographed many performances that continue to appear on "Solo Tango". Omar has repeatedly toured the United States and Europe teaching and performing Tango.

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