Marisa studied with Tango Masters in Argentina. she perfromed in Buenos Aires, and she toured the world as a performer. Marisa was part of the weekly tango show Video Cable Norte on Channel 5, in the Spanish mini-serires production "Tango", and her appearance in movies such as "el acompanamiento"' "Funes un gran amor". and guest star for the T.V. series "Y la vida va . . . " on Channel 9.

Marisa taught tango at "Los Alamos", Centrol Cultural "Las Canitas", Centro Cultural "Arte y Vida", Salon Helenico, FM La Tribu, public school for children & adults and in private groups for companies and tourists.

"Marisa is a great teacher. She understands how to express the importance of each step in any technique. Besides, she's very patient and gives every student exact individual advice to improve their quality of dancing."

"Marisa is an absolutely fabulous teacher. Her patient and clear instruction makes each step clear, but more importantly she really transmits what the Tango is all about. She teaches more than steps, she teaches your heart how to dance the Tango."

"Marisa teaches with wonderful spontaniety and feeling. She teaches us to move with heart and precision. She takes students one step at a time through complex and simple moves. She teaches students to hear and feel the music and never breaks the mood of the dance while she offers suggestions."

"Marisa is the greatest teacher for beginning and intermediate classes. She stresses little techniques until every student perfects the basics which is most important for Tango dancers and she teaches students how to appreciate the music and to interpret the dance. Great classes and we highly recommend Marisa!!"