Fabio and Lorena

Fabio Narvaez - joined the cast of "Forever Tango" in 1995, and toured with the Company in Europe, Canada and the U.S. for three seasons. He began his dancing career as a child, and at 13 joined the Ballet Folklorico in Arequipa. He went on to study in Buenos Aires, and toured with the National Ballet Folklorico throughout the contry. He also appeared in Europe, making a special appearance at the 1992 Seville Expo. He began his tango career with "Tango Argentino".


Lorena Yacono - began dancing with the Orchestra of Buenos Aires, and appeared in the National Ballet Folklorico directed by Santiago Ayala and Norma Viola. She was one of the dancers for "Forever Tango" on Broadway, and went on to appear in the production in Chicago, Washington, Boston, Toronto Montreal and Mexico City. She also appeared in the movie "Tango" by Carlos Saura. Other credits include the Festival of Argentine Tango in Venice, Italy and "Tango Argentino".

Fabio and Lorena from "Malambo"

Fabio and Lorena demonstrate at Mission Blue Dance